Online Tycoon games

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Tycoon games – which are also known as business simulation games and economic simulation game to use their ‘fancy’ names – are some of the few types of video/computer games that most parents and teachers actually approve of for the most part, as although the best of them are rather addictive and a lot of fun, they also have a lot of educational value at the same time.

Whatever the actual theme of a tycoon game, and there are a lot of different ones out there – they all have one thing in common, they are simulations of running some form of economic structure – whether it is a theme park, a business or an entire city. These games are actually used by business schools and economics to teach some of the basic principles of economics and general business management techniques, as well as the fallout of bad management.

The flipside of the world of tycoon games is that they are a lot of fun and can be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups, basically from tweens to senior citizens and the gameplay is almost endless, as there is rarely a ceiling when it comes to just how big you can build your empire, whatever that may be.