Airline Tycoon

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airline tycoon

If you have ever looked at Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin airlines admiringly then this may be the right tycoon game for you as it offers players the chance to build up their own airline from scratch in much the same way as he did in real life.

Part of the great – and ongoing – appeal of this game, it was first released in 1998 in Germany but has been reworked many times since then, is its humor. Players can chose to play as one of four different would be airlines moguls – Tina Cortez (Sunshine Airways), Siggi Sorglos (Falcon Lines), Igor Tuppolevsky (Phoenix Travel) and Mario Zucchero (Honey Airlines) – all of whom have their own strange quirks. Ever since the game gained online capabilities in 2003 you can also now choose to play against up to three other people while also creating your airline empire at the same time.

There is more to consider in the game than you might think. In addition to buying and maintaining the planes, negotiating with airports to even let you fly out of them and hiring staff, you also have to deal with attracting passengers, making money and preventing air disasters  at the same time. You also have to deal with the fact that the other would be tycoons will try to sabotage your efforts, whether they are controlled by other players or by the computer program.

Although it is one of the oldest of the popular tycoon games Airline Tycoon has found new life again as a very popular smartphone app that makes great use of downloadable extra content, an investment in which can really make a big difference to the outcome of your game!