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mall tycoon

Mall Tycoon

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The very first version of Mall Tycoon was first created by Take-Two Interactive and released in 2002 for the Windows operating system. It came at a time when tycoon games were really just becoming very popular and although the graphics in that original game certainly look a bit dated now the game still represents a […]


Prison Tycoon (Series)

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Running a prison is not an easy job, a point that the Prison Tycoon series of games makes very apparent very quickly! While many people may not think of a prison as a business, it really is and in Prison Tycoon players must make their correctional institution as profitable as possible while still making sure […]

hospital tycoon

Hospital Tycoon

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If you are the kind of person who loves shows like ‘ER’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ then Hospital Tycoon might be a game you really enjoy. In fact, part of the great appeal of the game, which was released in 2007, is that unlike many tycoon games it does have a rather organized ‘backstory’ that is […]


Fish Tycoon

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Fish Tycoon is one of the rare tycoon games that could actually be called a game that is suitable for all ages. It offers almost the perfect balance of entertaining game-play, attractive graphics and challenging management strategies and is certainly one of the better ‘classic tycoon’ games you can choose from to play. The basic […]


Zoo Tycoon

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Zoo Tycoon was one of the first ‘big’ tycoon titles. Created by Microsoft it was released all the way back in 2001, with a sequel that followed in 2005 as well as a number of expansion packs that add new animals and environments to the game to expand the ‘zoo’s’ offerings. As is the case […]

railroad tycoon

Railroad Tycoon

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Railroad Tycoon can lay claim to being the first widely sold tycoon game. Created by Sid Meier, a game programmer who has won hundreds of awards for his work, it was first released for PC users to try their hand at in 1990 and then was ported to the Super NES in 1993. The premise […]


Lemonade Tycoon

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The lemonade stand – the archetypal first business enterprise for a would-be entrepreneur – forms the basis of Lemonade Tycoon. Obviously however, the idea of the game is to grow an empire of lemonade stands, although as would be the case in real life you do have to start off with a simple stand in […]

airline tycoon

Airline Tycoon

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If you have ever looked at Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin airlines admiringly then this may be the right tycoon game for you as it offers players the chance to build up their own airline from scratch in much the same way as he did in real life. Part of the great – and ongoing – […]

Sim City (Series)

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SimCity is not a quite a single game. Instead it is an ever growing series of games that takes the concept of tycoon games to a whole new level. As the mayor of your very own city you get to supervise and decide almost every aspect of its development, but then it is also up […]


Rollercoaster Tycoon (Series)

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RollerCoaster Tycoon is another of the tycoon games that gained – and then maintained – a huge following almost as soon as it was released. The game initially debuted in 1999, the brainchild of Chris Sawyer, a game developer who had been successful in the field since the mid-Eighties and had already written one best-selling […]