Fish Tycoon

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Fish Tycoon is one of the rare tycoon games that could actually be called a game that is suitable for all ages. It offers almost the perfect balance of entertaining game-play, attractive graphics and challenging management strategies and is certainly one of the better ‘classic tycoon’ games you can choose from to play.

The basic object of the game is, as the title suggests, to breed fish. These are not just any fish though, they are exotic aquarium fish that need very special care in order to thrive and remain healthy. The overall object of the game is to breed and cross breed the fish until you discover the seven ‘magic’ fish breeds and solve the genetic puzzle that will create the ultimate fish.

One of the more unusual aspects of this tycoon game is that it plays out in real time. That means that whenever you stop playing and turn the game off the action continues. So if you stay away for too long you do run the risk that all of your prize fish will wither away and die.

In order to breed healthy fish you need to figure out just what kind of food they need to survive, what kind of water conditions suit them best and just how much food you need to keep them all alive. all of this is done with a limited amount of money of course, so in order to make more you have to make deals with pet stores and suppliers to sell some of your best ‘excess’ inventory to bolster your bottom line.

The cross breeding aspect of the game is very interesting, and you can create some very beautiful fish as you continue your quest to make the perfect specimen. The more you research and experiment the more valuable the fish you create can become, but on the other hand, some combinations may produce unhealthy mutant fish that can affect the health of all of the others, something you have to be very careful about.

All in all this is a very entertaining, if slightly demanding game that many people will enjoy and it does offer excellent value for money as the gameplay can go on for months or longer.