Lemonade Tycoon

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The lemonade stand – the archetypal first business enterprise for a would-be entrepreneur – forms the basis of Lemonade Tycoon. Obviously however, the idea of the game is to grow an empire of lemonade stands, although as would be the case in real life you do have to start off with a simple stand in the front yard!

As is the case in any good tycoon game there are a lot of things that can affect how well your business does. The very first consideration is the lemonade recipe you use – make it too sweet or too sour and you are unlikely to sell a cup, let alone build the repeat business you will need to expand your empire.

Once you do begin to make money you can choose new sites to build new stands on. Choosing just the right location does take research – and research costs money – and so growing your business can be slow going at first. To complicate matters even further yours are far from the only lemonade stands in town, so you do have to make sure that your stands – and products – are better than the competition at all times, or the customers you do manage to attract may start seeking their refreshment elsewhere! This may mean having to launch an ad campaign or make some changes to the design of your stands, basically whatever it takes to come out on top!

The original Lemonade Tycoon game was released in 2002 and it was widely used in middle schools in order to help kids understand the basic economic principles behind running a business. The game has been updated with fresh graphics several times since then, most recently when it was turned into a game for the iOS.