Sim City (Series)

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SimCity is not a quite a single game. Instead it is an ever growing series of games that takes the concept of tycoon games to a whole new level. As the mayor of your very own city you get to supervise and decide almost every aspect of its development, but then it is also up to you to keep everyone happy and the city developing and in good shape.

The original SimCity game was released in 1998, written by Will Wright who developed it form a minor feature that had been a part of one of his other games.

In SimCity you literally begin with a blank canvas; just a plot of land and a budget. It is then up to you to divide your city into zones and develop each of them separately to benefit the city as a whole.

As SimCity became so popular, it spawned dozens of other games, including the ever popular The Sims series which basically features the characters that can be used to populate cities in Sim City in greater detail. And as is the case for the other tycoon style games that have shown themselves to have longevity, as the years have progressed every new version of Sim City has featured more intricate building options, better graphics and even more challenges.

The newest version of SimCity was released in 2013 as an online only game. In something of a testament to the ongoing popularity of SimCity that the game, even though it has been criticized by some for the fact that there is no option for offline play, it is proving as popular as ever across a great many platforms – including as a mobile game for iOS and Android based devices.