Zoo Tycoon

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Zoo Tycoon was one of the first ‘big’ tycoon titles. Created by Microsoft it was released all the way back in 2001, with a sequel that followed in 2005 as well as a number of expansion packs that add new animals and environments to the game to expand the ‘zoo’s’ offerings.

As is the case in most tycoon games you are in charge of every aspect of running the zoo, from building all of the right enclosures, to adding the right animals and then creating attractions and amusements that will keep the guests coming back to the zoo while encouraging them to spend even more of their money.

Maintaining the zoo is hard work, let alone actually making it grow and thrive. all of the animals have very different needs, including where they live and what they eat. Get things wrong an your precious pets may perish, losing the zoo money (and maybe even breaking your heart).

At the same time you have to figure out just what will engage your visitors while keeping them safe as well and maintain the proper levels of cleanliness.

Zoo Tycoon allows players to create their own special animals (for a price) and it also supports a number of third party mods that expand the game even further.

In the world of computer gaming it is fair to say that Zoo Tycoon is practically an antique now, as over a decade has passed since it was first released. Time has not robbed it of all of its value though and for die hard fans of business simulation games it remains a big favorite.